Ingredients Used For Killing Poison

Ingredients Used For Killing Poison

Ingredients Used For Killing Poison – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, the following are materials that are often used to formulate murder.

Killing and killing. Human history has never been spared from murder cases. Starting from mass murder to murder important figures. In an effort to eliminate lives, there are various methods used. One of them uses poison.

Poison is considered to be an effective life-killing technique because the culprit is hard to detect. It takes time to investigate to find out who gave the poison and before it is known, the culprit could have disappeared. The following are poisons commonly used to kill humans.

1. Hemlock

Coming from plants in Europe and South Africa, Hemlock has been used since ancient Greece and causes paralysis until the respiratory system stops.

2. Aconite

This poison is extracted from the monkshood plant. The effect will weaken the function of the heart so that the victim suffers from suffocation. The terrible thing is that this poison can be given just by touching the leaves directly.

3. Belladonna

It is a beautiful woman because it is actually used as a cosmetic ingredient. In its use, Belladonna’s concoction is affixed to the arrow.

4. Amanita phalloides

Poisonous mushrooms. All parts are poisonous although they reportedly taste good. Two toxic ingredients are in this mushroom: Sangatoxin and phallotoxin.

5. Dimethylmercury

A slow-effect poison. Enough with 0.1ml dose, you can be killed because of it. However, the effect only came months later so it was difficult to detect.

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6. Tetrodotoxin

Taken from blue-ringed octopus and puffer fish, tetrodoxin attacks nerves that will leave the victim paralyzed. This paralysis will spread to stop various organ functions.

7. Mercury

You often find it on a thermometer. This substance is harmless if touched, but is deadly if it enters the body. The famous character who died because of this is Amadeus Mozart.

8. Cyanide

This is a poison that is popular with murderers. With only a dose of 1.5 mg, the victim can die within one to 15 minutes. There is also a gas formation called hydrogen cyanide. It was used for the Holocaust in Nazi times.…