Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts – By now there was more and more news about the murders. Murder cases can greatly affect the environmental world that has a big impact. Female homicide is a gender-based murder that has recently become a hot topic in the media. This term is also known as femicide or femicide in Indonesian.

What exactly is a femicide and how is it developing today? Let’s look at some facts about the following femicides.

The term femicide was introduced by Diane E.H. Russell in 1976

Diane E.H. Russell is the researcher and activist who popularized the term when he attended the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in 1976. The conference itself discussed and condemned all forms of crime against women.

Russell credits Carol Orlock as the originator of the term. However, both agree that it was Russell who made the term femicide widely known. Femicide, according to Russell, is an act of murder committed by a man with a woman as the victim. Femicide can take the form of outright murder or torture, rape, and other treatment that results in the death of a woman.

While the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) is even broader. According to WHO, femicide is violence against women, both verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and the most fatal form is murder. Femicide is distinguished from ordinary murder because generally there is an unequal power relationship between male perpetrators and female victims.

Domestic violence and honor killing are included in the femicide category

Femicide is synonymous with domestic violence (KDRT) because most of the perpetrators are the closest men, such as partners or ex-partners. A 2012 study by the WHO and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that 35 per cent of female homicides globally were committed by their own partners. Much different from the murder of men by a partner which only occurs about 5 percent of the total cases. It was also dominated by reasons of self-defense because there had been acts of violence committed by the man before.

In addition to domestic violence between partners, femicide can also be in the form of honor killing. Murder based on the belief that the victim has tarnished the honor of his family or himself. Unfortunately, often the victims of honor killings are victims of rape or incest who are cornered by their families. Femicide in the form of honor killing is common in the Middle East and South Asia. It also often occurs in immigrant communities from the two regions in several Western countries.

In addition to honor killings, violence and murder of women related to culture is a matter of dowry. In India, many women die because they are killed by their own in-laws. Usually because the dowry they give to the male family is not large enough.

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Femicides can be carried out by complete strangers and are common in Latin America

It is possible that femicide was also carried out by unknown people. Usually, this happens because it is based on a sexual harassment motive that leads to murder. Cases of this type of femicide are common in Latin America, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Honduras.

Data in 2018 released by the United Nations through the United Nations on Drugs and Crime shows that Latin American countries dominate the list of 10 countries with the highest femicide cases in the world. El Salvador is in first place with 13 people per 100,000 population.…