Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths

Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths

Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths – The world of journalism in Mexico is already familiar with the world of cruelty and dangers, Mexican officials often use their positions to cover up their crimes.

Mexico is the most dangerous country for journalist work. Not a few journalists have died either because they were killed by drug cartels, politicians, or the symbiosis between the two.

In 2017, March 23 to be precise, Miroslava Breach, a journalist known for reporting on human rights violations, drug trafficking and corruption, died with a gunshot wound to her head. Breach was killed in the morning in his car by gunmen with eight shots. The bullets used by the perpetrators were 9 mm caliber.

Less than a month from Breach’s shooting, authorities announced that they had identified the shooter, however, the perpetrator had not been arrested. In further investigation, it appears that the journalist’s murder was carried out by a wing of the Sinaloa cartel who is in symbiosis with local Chihuahua politicians. The mastermind of the murder, Juan Carlos Moreno Ochoa, was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

1. The arrest of the former mayor of Chinipas

The trial in the murder of Moreno Ochoa was postponed for several years and in August this year, he was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Previously, prosecutors charged Moreno Ochoa with a 70-year prison sentence. One of the other masterminds, was found dead in December 2017.

The Miroslava Breach Velducia case is still not over. Investigations are continuing to seek clarity on the relationship between drug cartels and local politicians or networks known as narco-politic. In some regions of Mexico, drug cartels often sympathize with local politicians, or even become politicians themselves to secure the crimes they commit.

In the investigation into the murder case of Miroslava Breach, the team of investigators finally unraveled the narco-political network. Authorities arrested the former mayor of Chinipas, a city in Chihuahua state. The Chihuahua state court said the former Chinipas mayor, Hugo Amed Shultz, was arrested for spreading information about the journalist to the killers (18/12).

2. The symbiosis of drug cartels with politics

Breach was a senior journalist who was 54 years old when he was shot. He worked for the newspaper El Norte de Juarez, collaborated with the newspaper El Norte de Chihuahua and was a contributor to the national newspaper La Jornada. He was brutally murdered in his car, who was taking his son to go to school. In 2017, 11 journalists died in Mexico, and Breach was one of them.

One year before Miroslava Breach Velducea was assassinated, the journalist had already reported on corruption irregularities in official circles. He has also written about the symbiosis between drug cartels and politics before his assassination.

The case that caused Breach to die was a journalistic report he worked on, about politicians from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN) who had links to the Los Salazar cartel group and had affiliations with the strongest Sinaloa cartel.

Cartel members infiltrate into membership and try to be nominated for mayor. The nominated mayor is the nephew of the Los Salazar drug cartel boss. Because of Breach’s journalistic report, finally the cartel members who were candidates for mayor were forced to resign and were replaced by others. The group then takes revenge and kills Breach.

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3. Birthday gifts

Juan Carlos Moreno Ochoa, also known as “El Larry”, became the intellectual actor in the murder of Miroslava Breach. During the trial it was revealed that when there was a birthday event for Jesus Alfredo “El Muneco” Salazar, one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, an eyewitness at the party claimed to have heard El Larry tell his boss that Breach had been killed.

The murder of the journalist Miroslava Breach was a birthday present (23/3). The boss of the Los Salazar group who was told the news laughed when he heard it.

The role of Hugo Amed Shultz, who at that time served as mayor of Chinapas, was in cooperation with the organized Los Salazar assassins group. Launching from the Al Jazeera website, the Chihuahua court explained without detail that Hugo Amed Shultz “sought and provided information to be given to the organized criminal group who ordered the murder” of the journalist (18/12).…

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts – The murder that happened to Franz Ferdinand is said to be one of the main causes of the first world war, Franz Ferdinand is the crown prince of one of the biggest jobs.

The assassination of Austrian-Hungarian Prince Franz Ferdinand is one of a series of international events that triggered the outbreak of World War I. In fact, this incident is considered to be the main trigger for the war between these countries.

1. Franz Ferdinand is the crown prince of the Austrian-Hungarian kingdom

Prince Franz Ferdinand was born in the city of Graz, Austria on December 18, 1863. After his brother and father died, he became the heir to the throne of the Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the position of King of the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary at that time was occupied by Franz Joseph, the uncle of Franz Ferdinand. The prince married a woman named Sophie, with the title Duchess of Hohenberg.

2. Bosnian demands for independence from Austrian-Hungarian rule

In the southern part of Austria-Hungary there is a region called Bosnia. Many Bosnians wanted to have their own state and no longer be under Austrian-Hungarian rule.

This was further complicated by the interference of Serbia, a country on the southern border of Austria-Hungary that supported Bosnian independence.

To assert their respective strengths, Serbia conspired with the Russian Empire, while Austria-Hungary conspired with Germany.

3. Bosnia, with the help of Serbia, plans to kill Prince Franz Ferdinand

When Franz Ferdinand announced a visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, the Bosnian nationalists saw it as an opportunity to attack the Austro-Hungarian empire.

With help from the Serbs, assassins were recruited and trained to kill the prince during his visit to Sarajevo. These assassins belong to a group called the Black Hand.

4. Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot on the highway

On June 28, 1914 Franz Ferdinand and his wife were in a motorcade headed for the town hall of Sarajevo. Black Hand’s group had stationed several assassins along the motorcade’s route.

On the way home from the city hall, there was a moment when an assassin named Gavrilo Princip was right standing beside the car carrying the prince. He did not miss the opportunity and fired straight at Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

The crowd there immediately ganged up on Princip and handed him over to the police. At the same time, the car sped away seeking medical help. Unfortunately, Sophie died before they arrived and Franz Ferdinand was also killed a few minutes later.

5. The declared war of Austria-Hungary against Serbia was followed by other countries, and World War I broke out

The Austrian-Hungarian government saw the killings as a direct attack on the country. They believe that Serbia is assisting Bosnia in a terrorism crime.

This accusation was apparently denied by Serbia. So Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. At the same time, Russia began mobilizing its troops to protect Serbia.

A few days later, Germany declared war on Russia to help Austria-Hungary. Then France moved to help Russia, and Germany also declared War on France. With this, World War I began.…