List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju

List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju

List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju – Korean dramas often provide various inspirations for the audience, ranging from food to interesting tourist attractions.

Yeongju or Yeongju-si is a municipal-level area in the north of Gyeongsangbuk Province. The 668-square-kilometer city is bordered by Bonghwa to the east, Danyang to the west, Andong and Yecheon to the south, and Yeongwol to the north.

Yeongju is known to have a lot of historical tours, so it’s no wonder that some places there often appear in Korean dramas with sageuks or royal themes. Here are Korean drama-style tourist attractions in Yeongju, South Korea!

1. Sosuseowon Confucian Academy

Sosuseowon Confucian Academy was founded in 1542 as a preparatory school for children of the Joseon Dynasty’s aristocratic class for the civil service exam. Originally, its name was Baekundong Seowon, then it was changed to its current name by King Myeongjong in 1550.

This place has been designated as a Historic Site of South Korea No.55 and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2019, you know. The Sosu Museum in this complex stores and manages items related to Confucianism.

Sosuseowon Confucian Academy was once the shooting location for the drama The Slave Hunters (2010). In addition, this place appeared in the dramas Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016), Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019), and most recently The King’s Affection (2021).

2. Seonbichon Village

Right next to Sosuseowon Confucian Academy is a village known as the birthplace of Korean Confucianism, namely Seonbichon Village. In this village there are 15 old government offices and tiled houses, 13 thatched houses, a pavilion, and the Seonangdang temple.

Visitors who come to this village can take part in various activities, ranging from pounding rice cakes, hanging wish lanterns, attending traditional wedding ceremonies, playing various folk games, enjoying various traditional dishes, to staying in a hanok. Wow, that’s really fun, isn’t it?

Seonbichon Village has been a filming location for dramas The Slave Hunters (2010), Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019), Lovers of the Red Sky (2021), and The King’s Affection (2021). The first appearance of this village in the drama The Slave Hunters seems to have succeeded in increasing the number of visitors, you know.

3. Yeongju Museom Village

Another traditional village in Yeongju that is often used as a shooting location for KDrama sageuks is Yeongju Museom Village. The village appeared in the dramas Love Rain (2012), Flowers of the Prison (2016), 100 Days My Prince (2018), My Country (2019), and The Tale of Nokdu (2019).

Located in Sudo Village, 238-2 Museom-ro, Munsu-myeon, Yeongju, the village was founded in 1666 by Park Su and Kim Dae. The city served as a sanctuary for scholars from the Seonbi, Goryeo and Joseon periods who had abandoned their social positions to focus on education and simplicity.

In addition to the hanok houses, there is also a single-lane wooden bridge that was the only access to the village for 350 years until 1979. In October, the Oenamu Dari Festival is held every year to celebrate the bridge’s history.

4. Buseoksa Temple

Remember the Fairy Cafe on Gyeryeong hill that appeared in the drama Mama Fairy and Woodcutter (2018)? In the first episode, Jung Yi Hyun (Yoon Hyun Min) and Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) got lost and found this shop. The two also meet the owner of the shop, namely Seon Ok Nam (Ko Du Shim / Moon Chae Won).

In real life, the building is actually part of the Buseoksa Temple. The temple was founded by a prominent monk and scholar, Uisang in 676 and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Yeongju Station

In the 2020 drama Train, Yeongju Station was described as Mugyeong Station in an alternate universe. Seo Do Won (Yoon Si Yoon) time travels between worlds or universes at this station on train 8210.

Yeongju Station is a train station along the Jungang Line, Yeongdong Line, and Gyeongbuk Line, which opened in 1941. The station, operated by Korail, has three platforms and five lanes.…

Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts – By now there was more and more news about the murders. Murder cases can greatly affect the environmental world that has a big impact. Female homicide is a gender-based murder that has recently become a hot topic in the media. This term is also known as femicide or femicide in Indonesian.

What exactly is a femicide and how is it developing today? Let’s look at some facts about the following femicides.

The term femicide was introduced by Diane E.H. Russell in 1976

Diane E.H. Russell is the researcher and activist who popularized the term when he attended the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in 1976. The conference itself discussed and condemned all forms of crime against women.

Russell credits Carol Orlock as the originator of the term. However, both agree that it was Russell who made the term femicide widely known. Femicide, according to Russell, is an act of murder committed by a man with a woman as the victim. Femicide can take the form of outright murder or torture, rape, and other treatment that results in the death of a woman.

While the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) is even broader. According to WHO, femicide is violence against women, both verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and the most fatal form is murder. Femicide is distinguished from ordinary murder because generally there is an unequal power relationship between male perpetrators and female victims.

Domestic violence and honor killing are included in the femicide category

Femicide is synonymous with domestic violence (KDRT) because most of the perpetrators are the closest men, such as partners or ex-partners. A 2012 study by the WHO and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that 35 per cent of female homicides globally were committed by their own partners. Much different from the murder of men by a partner which only occurs about 5 percent of the total cases. It was also dominated by reasons of self-defense because there had been acts of violence committed by the man before.

In addition to domestic violence between partners, femicide can also be in the form of honor killing. Murder based on the belief that the victim has tarnished the honor of his family or himself. Unfortunately, often the victims of honor killings are victims of rape or incest who are cornered by their families. Femicide in the form of honor killing is common in the Middle East and South Asia. It also often occurs in immigrant communities from the two regions in several Western countries.

In addition to honor killings, violence and murder of women related to culture is a matter of dowry. In India, many women die because they are killed by their own in-laws. Usually because the dowry they give to the male family is not large enough.

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Femicides can be carried out by complete strangers and are common in Latin America

It is possible that femicide was also carried out by unknown people. Usually, this happens because it is based on a sexual harassment motive that leads to murder. Cases of this type of femicide are common in Latin America, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Honduras.

Data in 2018 released by the United Nations through the United Nations on Drugs and Crime shows that Latin American countries dominate the list of 10 countries with the highest femicide cases in the world. El Salvador is in first place with 13 people per 100,000 population.…

Easy Ways to Become a Member in Sportsbook Betting Games

Easy Ways to Become a Member in Sportsbook Betting Games

Easy Ways to Become a Member in Sportsbook Betting Games – Before you can play sportsbook betting games at an agent, of course, you need to register and become a member of a site.

Being able to complete his existence now because SBOBET Agent has various benefits that members can get. No wonder now more people want to join. Not only the desire to say or the intention, many players now visit the soccer game site directly and register immediately.

List, is one of the important and most basic things that should not be missed. Therefore, here is information on how to properly save SBOBET football games. In fact, the procedure is very simple, only players to follow all directions.

Navigate to your device

Since the game of football can now be easily played through devices or technologies such as mobile phones or smartphones, it should also be considered effective.

Prior to the main points of the SBOBET soccer game list, players must have a goal from a named agent to run the game. Based on the existing technology, the sbobet88 site can now be found on the Internet widely and widely.

To guarantee, you can use the best recommendations from various informants. So the recording process will not be in vain, because it depends on a trusted agent.

Click the list icon

When you access the online soccer game site, when the registration trick starts. On the site, the user will then find various main menus. However, since the goal is how to register SBOBET Soccer and formalize player participation, you can then focus on the “Register” menu.

The menu is provided for anyone who has not registered and intends to join. This feature is always supplied on the front, the reason for facilitating the recording process. In addition to inviting other visitors, even if at first, it is not interested.

Complete data

One way the next SBOBET soccer player is regarding the steps that must be carried out after pressing the “Register” button. Many say that this process is the key to recording.

Since the purpose of registering is to become a member who has an official account, a data load is very necessary. Some data relating to the identity of the player must be completed correctly. And because nowadays, sbobet agents have high quality servers with high security, the data sent is safe. Just make sure the password created in user ID generation has a unique pattern, even if it can, be changed periodically.

User account

Indeed, not only the question of filling in the automatic data required by a potential SBOBET member, taking an account, is also part of the SBOBET ball game list. The reason, because in the future players can only enter the site if it is recorded or that the user ID can be used.

The method is very easy, just choose to use your email or phone number to do it. Don’t forget to enter a username and password that only you can know. After that, there will be a delivery via SMS or email to confirm.…

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti – There are many murder cases happening in our environment and even around us. One of the murder cases concerning the president of Haiti. The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was shot dead by a group of gunmen on Wednesday (7/7) at 01.00 am local time.

Haiti immediately declared a state of emergency after the incident. A state of emergency was declared for two weeks to investigate and follow up on the perpetrators who killed Moise.
Moise was shot dead by heavy-caliber gunmen. Moise was at his residence in the hills above Port-au-Prince.

So how is the progress of this incident so far?
The following summarizes a number of facts and allegations of the assassination of the President of Haiti:

Moise Served President of Haiti Since 2017

Moise has been in power in Haiti since 2017. During his tenure as president in this Caribbean country, Moise faced various political and security crises.
Since his victory in the November 2016 election, Moïse has faced frequent protests from his people demanding his resignation.
Moise was born in Trou-du-Nord, Nord Est, Haiti, on June 26, 1968. She was raised in a middle-income family, with a father who worked as a mechanic and farmer and a mother who was a seamstress.

Moise and his family moved to Port-au-Prince in 1974. There, Moise attended university, where he studied Political Science. There he met his wife, Martine Marie Etienne Joseph, whom he married in 1996.

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The decision was right. Moïse turned into a successful businessman. He earned the nickname “The Banana Man” or “The Banana Man” from his success in the world of agricultural or agricultural business. He also tried his luck in the water treatment business and the energy sector.
Moise creates up to hundreds of jobs on a 10-hectare banana plantation in Nord-Ouest, northern Haiti. In addition, he also founded Agritrans, a project that helps export fruit from Haiti to various countries.

He officially took office after being sworn in in February 2017. The election that won him in 2016 was still considered full of fraud, until finally in 2018, massive demonstrations broke out, demanding Moise to step down.…

Causes of Errors When Playing Online Slot Gambling

Causes of Errors When Playing Online Slot Gambling

Causes of Errors When Playing Online Slot Gambling – There are various factors that cause defeat when we are playing online slot games. Even though we are playing online slot gambling games with smaller capital compared to other players. All of you should not play online slot games randomly or carelessly.

Because if you play with small capital continuously because over time you will feel a fairly large loss. If we talk about defeat, surely none of us can continue to lose. Most players who continue to lose when playing online slots are caused by the following factors:

Factors Causing Losing Playing Slots

Even when playing online slot games, you must have experienced defeat while playing, right? You can read the factors that caused the defeat of playing these online pragmatic slots in this article. And most people who lose when playing online slots are caused by the factors below.

Before entering, you can read my previous article which discussed being able to survive sitting on a slot machine for 24 hours. For all of you who want a clearer story, just visit.

Too Optimistic Chasing the Jackpot

This online slot machine game is definitely different from the way online poker card games are played. In this online slot game that relies on and relies on luck to win. Therefore, it is best not to over-target the bonus goals that are too large.

Some players usually try to find a machine that hasn’t hit the jackpot, hoping that the machine shoots out the jackpot prize as they play. How Good is aimed at small bonuses which are much easier to get. It is better to play bonus online slots from time to time and maybe less than the game many times. And not getting big profits. Remember, everyone has a different fate.

Too Fast Pressing Spin

The main cause that usually causes someone to always lose in online slot games is too fast or too fast on slot machines. To win the game on this occasion, you have to pay more attention and adjust the tempo when you play this slot machine game.…

List of The World’s Cruelest Killer Women

List of The World’s Cruelest Killer Women – Usually the one who becomes a killer is a man, but in reality it is not like that, some of these women have even become the cruelest killers in the world. Who are they?

List of The World's Cruelest Killer Women

1.Elizabeth Bathory (1560 – 1614)

Elizabeth Bathory is the most famous serial killer in Hungarian history. Starting from rumors about a number of girls who were invited to work in a palace, then reported missing. It turns out that this news is true. The woman born in 1560 killed the girls. They were mutilated, and their body parts separated one by one. In total there were hundreds of victims during the 25 years of carrying out the action. Elizabeth was found guilty, but was only detained at home for the rest of her life. Due to his social status as a royal family he was never brought to justice.

2. Katherine Knight (1956 – …..)

This woman born in 1956 is the first Australian woman to be detained with a life sentence. She killed her ex-husband with 37 stabs in the front and back. Not satisfied with the stab, the husband was mutilated and the skin hung in the living room. While the head is kept in a pot to make soup. While other body organs are used as complementary foods. The plan, the ‘food’ that will be served to their children. However, this action was caught by the police.

3. Irma Grese (1923 – 1945)

Irma Grese is another product of Nazi atrocities. She is referred to as the evil woman of Belsen because of her cruelty in the concentration camps of Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. This woman born in 1923 became the number two person in the concentration camp. It is estimated that 30 thousand Jewish women were his prisoners. Stories about his atrocities ranging from beatings, sexual harassment, to sadistic murders and the distribution of poison gas. He reportedly enjoyed all the torture. While carrying a gun and boots, every day he watched all these vile scenes up close.

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4. Ilse Koch (1906 – 1967)

Ilse Koch was the wife of Karl Koch, a Nazi concentration camp commander in Buchenwald and Majdanek during World War II. The woman was called the sorceress of Buchenwald, because of her cruelty. Because of her husband’s power, she could freely do cruel things to the Jews. Torture to murder is a daily activity in the concentration camp. His souvenirs are tattoos of the victims he killed. Her life story ended when she committed suicide in Aichach women’s prison on September 1, 1967.…

Win with Big Chances at Online Slot Gambling

Win with Big Chances at Online Slot Gambling – The level of victory that you get when playing online slot gambling games is indeed diverse, you as a player can use various ways to win.

Trusted Online Slot Sites Every gambling player does have other tips in playing slot gambling. With the provision of suggestions and possible outside sources that are tried to apply. This question is not wrong considering that gambling bets do take time and a process to master it. So that it is not so difficult, one of the games that are suitable for anyone is online slot games. In this place we will play with the opportunity to get a winning prize. It takes patience because each player is fast, some takes a long time to achieve optimal results.

The Most Popular Online Slot Agent This problem occurs because of the arbitrary method of the slot which is sometimes difficult to predict when it will give the jackpot. But it is very balanced with the results given. Of course, you can start with small bets first. This opportunity you will have the opportunity to try several techniques from several pro players which at the same time can also increase the chance of winning in mega88 slot gambling.

Win with Big Chances at Online Slot Gambling

Trusted Online Slot Site Techniques to Increase the Chance of Winning Playing Pro Online Slot Gambling

So far what we know is that online slot gambling games are the easiest games to play, but many people still experience defeat in this game. Here are some points that you can try when you bet in slot games, for example:

Deepen and learn the game scheme

The Most Popular Online Slot Agents There are several hundred styles of slots that are ready to be played. To just win, you don’t need to master the whole thing. Just choose a game style that you will play. Remember to always increase the knowledge around that game. It is only enough to understand your game plan and it will help you to become a winner of this gambling. Because basically the slot only rotates the limits of the existing limits. To get a win, you only need to make your own combination and have explained about the prizes that can be obtained.

Be observant in looking at the opportunities that exist

Trusted Online Slot Sites Every time you want to play slots, try to be more observant at seeing the opportunities that exist. This problem can be seen from how often a separate slot gives prizes to many players. By paying attention to just a few slot models, you can determine which one is more likely to give the best results. Generally, if there is a slot game that awards in a short period of time to other players, this is an option. You can give it a try hoping it won’t take long to start making profits.

The Most Popular Online Slot Agent Determines a slot gambling site with a high win rate

The average online gambling player will land on a site that provides a high chance of winning. Even though you have very little capital, this matter consistently gives profits to its members. The most important thing is to choose and play on a trustworthy casino site. With the available slot gambling offers, you can make a profit not only from one type of bet. All the tools you are looking for are already there and just enjoy it. Here are the facts why online slot players are currently experiencing an increase. Many have succeeded in getting prizes and immediately made withdrawals as soon as possible.…

Recognizing Real Online Togel Gambling Predictions

Recognizing Real Online Togel Gambling Predictions – Predictions are indeed very helpful for new players to play online gambling games, often players get victory with the help of lottery number predictions.

Playing lottery online basically requires additional information before playing. One form of additional information is prediction. Every bettor needs at least a little lottery prediction before placing numbers, as well as when playing Beijing lottery gambling. Lottery predictions are useful for making it easier for bettors to penetrate numbers. The following are some of the functions of a lottery dingdong 12d prediction in the Beijing lottery game.

Recognizing Real Online Togel Gambling Predictions

Win Easier

This is one of the most important reasons why lottery predictions are needed for a lottery bettor both offline and online. In making predictions, bettors must have a lot of choice numbers that have a big chance of winning. And of course the bettor is free to choose to play any number. Usually the chance of winning with predictions is 75-80% because the numbers are based on mature formulas and calculation methods.

No Need to Think Many Numbers

As explained earlier, in playing Togek, bettors will definitely be faced with many choices of numbers. But with predictions, you don’t have to bother asking other people what numbers are right, you don’t have to think hard about what numbers to buy. The point is you can immediately take good numbers and use them right away

Saving time

Because you don’t have to think about which numbers to buy, of course this saves you time. Because the bettor just takes the prediction numbers that have been provided by the Beijing lottery agent.

Agent Recommended

This agent recommendation can also be obtained because you often see number predictions. The reason is that there are always agent sites that work with prediction makers and providers. But of course in the affairs of the prediction results they have nothing to do. The agent site is only recommended by many predictors and is only related to where to play.

In pairing lottery numbers, a bettor should not play until they are carried away by emotions. Because someone who is easily ignited by emotions will be very difficult to decide on the right numbers for him and in the end it becomes difficult to win. In determining this Beijing lottery number, high focus is needed. Likewise when determining the number predictions to be purchased. If all of that is controlled by emotions and ambitions to immediately win big or reach the highest nominal win, the result will be completely empty.…

The Saddest Serial Killer In History

The Saddest Serial Killer In History

The Saddest Serial Killer In History – Murders often occur due to certain factors that make the killer more confident to kill someone. Serial killers become the craziest creatures to roam the Earth. Usually they are not satisfied with just killing one person, they will return at another time to prey on the second victim and so on. That’s why they are labeled as serial killers. Here is a list of the saddest serial killers in history

1. Ted Bundy

To quote Britannica, Ted Bundy is one of the craziest serial killers in history, so everyone must have heard his name. Apart from being a murderer, Bundy is also a rapist, kidnapper, and thief.

Bundy launched his action by kidnapping a female victim, then raping her, and dismembering her body. However, Bundy always saves the head section as a ‘gift’. Prior to his execution in 1989, Bundy admitted to kidnapping and killing a total of 30 women. However, Bundy’s confession is doubtful because perhaps more than 30 victims were involved.

2. Andrei Chikatilo

Between 1978 and 1990, Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo sexually abused, murdered, and mutilated more than 50 young women and children. One of the youngest was only nine years old. The insane Chikatilo killed his victims by stabbing and slashing them with knives.

Chikatilo later admitted that he could only achieve orgasm by stabbing women, a fact that made it difficult for him to contain his strong urge to kill. Chikatilo was nicknamed ‘Butcher of Rostov’, ‘Red Ripper’, to ‘Rostov Ripper’. Chikatilo was ultimately sentenced to death, and executed by firing squad in 1994.

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3. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was eventually convicted of killing 17 young men over a 14 year period. Investigate, Dahmer not only kills them, he also rapes, dismembers, and sometimes even eats his victims.

During the trial, Dahmer admitted to drilling into the heads of his victims in an attempt to turn them into mindless sex slaves. Although Dahmer was sure to be executed for his insane crimes, he was beaten to death in prison in 1994, Online Psychology Degree reports.

4. Albert Fish

Albert Fish was tried and found guilty of raping, murdering and cannibalizing three children in the early 1900s. However, he claims that he has killed more than 100 children.

What’s craziest is the fact that Fish once wrote to the mother of one of his victims, 10-year-old Grace Budd. The letter details how he lured the little girl named Budd, strangled her, and then cut her into pieces to eat for nine days.…

Getting to Know the Different Types of Bonuses at Online Poker Agents

Getting to Know the Different Types of Bonuses at Online Poker Agents – Every online poker certainly offers a variety of very attractive bonuses. Some of the kinds of bonuses offered are what make online betting players interested and want to join online betting sites. In playing any online bet, of course, every player really expects the promos and bonuses provided by the trusted poker agent.

Online poker games are really fun to play. Apart from being entertainment, players are also always looking for profits in this betting game. The bonuses provided by each site are actually the same, it’s just that there are bonuses that have large amounts and there are also bonuses that have small amounts. For more details, we will provide information about the various kinds of bonuses provided by online poker agents as well as how to get them.

Getting to Know the Different Types of Bonuses at Online Poker Agents

Types of Bonuses From Online Poker Agents

New Member Bonus or Registration Bonus

When you register for the first time at an online gambling place, you can immediately get a bonus. This registration bonus is also known as the new member bonus. But if you have previously registered directly with the same trusted poker agent, then you automatically cannot get this bonus.

Next Deposit Bonus

The next deposit bonus is an opportunity to get additional directly from the capital deposit activities that have been carried out. If you are diligent in depositing deposits or capital, then you can get additional benefits. You can increase the deposit amount and often add more deposits so that the benefits of this bonus can be felt even more.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses or discounts are bonuses that return the value of bets made. This one bonus is generally in the type of slot game game. When you place a bet with a high value, there will be a reduction in the number of chips that need to be paid due to the active cashback bonus.

Referral Bonus

This referral bonus is arguably the easiest to get. To get a referral bonus, you just need to do a promotion to be able to add members to the online betting site. If you manage to invite someone to join an online poker site then you can immediately get this bonus. The more members you invite, the more referral bonuses you can get.…