Elizabeth Báthory The Serial Killer Facts

Elizabeth Báthory The Serial Killer Facts – This is a fact from the life of Elizabeth Báthory who became the cruelest woman of her time because she had killed hundreds of young virgin women just for her personal gain. Let’s just take a look!

1. Elizabeth Báthory is recognized as the cruelest serial killer woman with hundreds of victims

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Elizabeth Báthory is listed as a murderer with the most victims in the world. This is because within 25 years, Elizabeth Báthory has killed 612 young girls, you know!

2. Elizabeth Báthory comes from a wealthy noble family

Elizabeth Báthory’s parents came from the Hungarian nobility, her family was the richest in Transylvania, and her cousin was the former king of Hungary, Stephen Báthory.

3. Elizabeth Báthory often had convulsions, also known as epilepsy

Elizabeth Báthory’s parents, George Báthori and Anna Báthory, were married by incest. This makes Elizabeth Bathory born in a state of epilepsy.

4. Since childhood Elizabeth Báthory has been trained to be a cruel woman

Since childhood, Elizabeth Báthory was often invited by her parents to see the death sentences of those sentenced to death. Even some of his family members had taught him the workings of Satanism and magic.

5. Elizabeth Báthory married the nobility

At the age of 10, Elizabeth Báthory was engaged to 14-year-old Ferenc Nádasdy. Where his fiancé is also a noble.

Then at the age of 15 Elizabeth Báthory married Ferenc Nádasdy. Which even though her husband is also noble, Elizabeth Báthory is reluctant to use her husband’s last name “Nádasdy” because of his higher caste. In fact, it’s even her husband who uses his last name, which is Ferenc Báthory, you know!

6. Elizabeth Báthory received a wedding gift in the form of a luxurious castle from her parents

As a wedding gift, in 1575 Elizabeth Báthory received a castil csejte gift from her parents. Where the castle is the place of execution for hundreds of young girls who became victims of Elizabeth Báthory’s blood sacrifice.

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7. Doratiya Dentez, Elizabeth Báthory’s servant who has made Elizabeth Báthory want to commit serial murders

Responding to Elizabeth Báthory’s growing anxiety and wrinkles, Doratiya Dentez, Elizabeth Báthory’s servant, provoked her to kill young virgin women as blood sacrifices so that Elizabeth Báthory would stay young.

How can only a servant influence Elizabeth Bathory? So at first Elizabeth Báthory didn’t believe Doratiya Dentez’s words. But when his maid who was a virgin made a mistake and she immediately slapped him until he bled, that’s where Doratiya Dentez immediately asked him to try the blood.

Then it was proven by Doratiya Dentez’s words that he could stay young with the blood of a young virgin woman. Since then, Elizabeth Báthory has carried out her act of murdering hundreds of girls with the help of Doratiya Dentez, Anna Dravula and Joe.

8. The death of her husband, Ferenc Báthory never made Elizabeth Báthory stop killing her victims

In 1604 Ferenc Bathory died, not that it made Elizabeth Báthory stop but instead became more intense in searching for, torturing, and killing her victims. Many of the young working girls had their veins cut off and then hung around Elizabeth Báthory’s bath with the intention that her blood would fall directly under her bath and she would bathe in it.

9. Elizabeth Báthory opens a fictitious job vacancy to add more blood sacrifices

Because every day she has sacrificed her maid, to increase her stock, Elizabeth Báthory opens a fictitious job vacancy for a young woman who is still a virgin. Where the classification is not for the purpose of work, but for the sake of blood sacrifice so that he stays young.

10. Elizabeth Báthory’s serial murder case was uncovered but did not receive the death penalty

After hundreds of stock of village girls had run out, that didn’t stop Elizabeth Báthory from looking for blood sacrifices for her. In her stead, Elizabeth Báthory bravely switched her potential victim from a country girl to a lowly aristocrat. It was from this lowly aristocratic girl who managed to escape and report it to the authorities.

In December 1610 there was a search of Elizabeth Báthory’s castle. It was at this time that the bodies of young girls were found strewn in every corner of Elizabeth Báthory’s castle. And finally in 1611 Elizabeth Báthory and her three accomplices were punished. Doratiya Dentez and Joe were burned and Anna Dravula was beheaded.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Báthory because she came from the nobility she was not sentenced to death like her three accomplices but was sentenced to confinement in her castle by building walls around her castle and leaving only a small hole to transfer food for her.