Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts

Femicide Murder Facts – By now there was more and more news about the murders. Murder cases can greatly affect the environmental world that has a big impact. Female homicide is a gender-based murder that has recently become a hot topic in the media. This term is also known as femicide or femicide in Indonesian.

What exactly is a femicide and how is it developing today? Let’s look at some facts about the following femicides.

The term femicide was introduced by Diane E.H. Russell in 1976

Diane E.H. Russell is the researcher and activist who popularized the term when he attended the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in 1976. The conference itself discussed and condemned all forms of crime against women.

Russell credits Carol Orlock as the originator of the term. However, both agree that it was Russell who made the term femicide widely known. Femicide, according to Russell, is an act of murder committed by a man with a woman as the victim. Femicide can take the form of outright murder or torture, rape, and other treatment that results in the death of a woman.

While the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) is even broader. According to WHO, femicide is violence against women, both verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and the most fatal form is murder. Femicide is distinguished from ordinary murder because generally there is an unequal power relationship between male perpetrators and female victims.

Domestic violence and honor killing are included in the femicide category

Femicide is synonymous with domestic violence (KDRT) because most of the perpetrators are the closest men, such as partners or ex-partners. A 2012 study by the WHO and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that 35 per cent of female homicides globally were committed by their own partners. Much different from the murder of men by a partner which only occurs about 5 percent of the total cases. It was also dominated by reasons of self-defense because there had been acts of violence committed by the man before.

In addition to domestic violence between partners, femicide can also be in the form of honor killing. Murder based on the belief that the victim has tarnished the honor of his family or himself. Unfortunately, often the victims of honor killings are victims of rape or incest who are cornered by their families. Femicide in the form of honor killing is common in the Middle East and South Asia. It also often occurs in immigrant communities from the two regions in several Western countries.

In addition to honor killings, violence and murder of women related to culture is a matter of dowry. In India, many women die because they are killed by their own in-laws. Usually because the dowry they give to the male family is not large enough.

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Femicides can be carried out by complete strangers and are common in Latin America

It is possible that femicide was also carried out by unknown people. Usually, this happens because it is based on a sexual harassment motive that leads to murder. Cases of this type of femicide are common in Latin America, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Honduras.

Data in 2018 released by the United Nations through the United Nations on Drugs and Crime shows that Latin American countries dominate the list of 10 countries with the highest femicide cases in the world. El Salvador is in first place with 13 people per 100,000 population.…

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti

The Facts of the Assassination of the President of Haiti – There are many murder cases happening in our environment and even around us. One of the murder cases concerning the president of Haiti. The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was shot dead by a group of gunmen on Wednesday (7/7) at 01.00 am local time.

Haiti immediately declared a state of emergency after the incident. A state of emergency was declared for two weeks to investigate and follow up on the perpetrators who killed Moise.
Moise was shot dead by heavy-caliber gunmen. Moise was at his residence in the hills above Port-au-Prince.

So how is the progress of this incident so far?
The following summarizes a number of facts and allegations of the assassination of the President of Haiti:

Moise Served President of Haiti Since 2017

Moise has been in power in Haiti since 2017. During his tenure as president in this Caribbean country, Moise faced various political and security crises.
Since his victory in the November 2016 election, Moïse has faced frequent protests from his people demanding his resignation.
Moise was born in Trou-du-Nord, Nord Est, Haiti, on June 26, 1968. She was raised in a middle-income family, with a father who worked as a mechanic and farmer and a mother who was a seamstress.

Moise and his family moved to Port-au-Prince in 1974. There, Moise attended university, where he studied Political Science. There he met his wife, Martine Marie Etienne Joseph, whom he married in 1996.

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The decision was right. Moïse turned into a successful businessman. He earned the nickname “The Banana Man” or “The Banana Man” from his success in the world of agricultural or agricultural business. He also tried his luck in the water treatment business and the energy sector.
Moise creates up to hundreds of jobs on a 10-hectare banana plantation in Nord-Ouest, northern Haiti. In addition, he also founded Agritrans, a project that helps export fruit from Haiti to various countries.

He officially took office after being sworn in in February 2017. The election that won him in 2016 was still considered full of fraud, until finally in 2018, massive demonstrations broke out, demanding Moise to step down.…

Elizabeth Báthory

Elizabeth Báthory The Serial Killer Facts

Elizabeth Báthory The Serial Killer Facts – This is a fact from the life of Elizabeth Báthory who became the cruelest woman of her time because she had killed hundreds of young virgin women just for her personal gain. Let’s just take a look!

1. Elizabeth Báthory is recognized as the cruelest serial killer woman with hundreds of victims

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Elizabeth Báthory is listed as a murderer with the most victims in the world. This is because within 25 years, Elizabeth Báthory has killed 612 young girls, you know!

2. Elizabeth Báthory comes from a wealthy noble family

Elizabeth Báthory’s parents came from the Hungarian nobility, her family was the richest in Transylvania, and her cousin was the former king of Hungary, Stephen Báthory.

3. Elizabeth Báthory often had convulsions, also known as epilepsy

Elizabeth Báthory’s parents, George Báthori and Anna Báthory, were married by incest. This makes Elizabeth Bathory born in a state of epilepsy.

4. Since childhood Elizabeth Báthory has been trained to be a cruel woman

Since childhood, Elizabeth Báthory was often invited by her parents to see the death sentences of those sentenced to death. Even some of his family members had taught him the workings of Satanism and magic.

5. Elizabeth Báthory married the nobility

At the age of 10, Elizabeth Báthory was engaged to 14-year-old Ferenc Nádasdy. Where his fiancé is also a noble.

Then at the age of 15 Elizabeth Báthory married Ferenc Nádasdy. Which even though her husband is also noble, Elizabeth Báthory is reluctant to use her husband’s last name “Nádasdy” because of his higher caste. In fact, it’s even her husband who uses his last name, which is Ferenc Báthory, you know!

6. Elizabeth Báthory received a wedding gift in the form of a luxurious castle from her parents

As a wedding gift, in 1575 Elizabeth Báthory received a castil csejte gift from her parents. Where the castle is the place of execution for hundreds of young girls who became victims of Elizabeth Báthory’s blood sacrifice.

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7. Doratiya Dentez, Elizabeth Báthory’s servant who has made Elizabeth Báthory want to commit serial murders

Responding to Elizabeth Báthory’s growing anxiety and wrinkles, Doratiya Dentez, Elizabeth Báthory’s servant, provoked her to kill young virgin women as blood sacrifices so that Elizabeth Báthory would stay young.

How can only a servant influence Elizabeth Bathory? So at first Elizabeth Báthory didn’t believe Doratiya Dentez’s words. But when his maid who was a virgin made a mistake and she immediately slapped him until he bled, that’s where Doratiya Dentez immediately asked him to try the blood.

Then it was proven by Doratiya Dentez’s words that he could stay young with the blood of a young virgin woman. Since then, Elizabeth Báthory has carried out her act of murdering hundreds of girls with the help of Doratiya Dentez, Anna Dravula and Joe.

8. The death of her husband, Ferenc Báthory never made Elizabeth Báthory stop killing her victims

In 1604 Ferenc Bathory died, not that it made Elizabeth Báthory stop but instead became more intense in searching for, torturing, and killing her victims. Many of the young working girls had their veins cut off and then hung around Elizabeth Báthory’s bath with the intention that her blood would fall directly under her bath and she would bathe in it.

9. Elizabeth Báthory opens a fictitious job vacancy to add more blood sacrifices

Because every day she has sacrificed her maid, to increase her stock, Elizabeth Báthory opens a fictitious job vacancy for a young woman who is still a virgin. Where the classification is not for the purpose of work, but for the sake of blood sacrifice so that he stays young.

10. Elizabeth Báthory’s serial murder case was uncovered but did not receive the death penalty

After hundreds of stock of village girls had run out, that didn’t stop Elizabeth Báthory from looking for blood sacrifices for her. In her stead, Elizabeth Báthory bravely switched her potential victim from a country girl to a lowly aristocrat. It was from this lowly aristocratic girl who managed to escape and report it to the authorities.

In December 1610 there was a search of Elizabeth Báthory’s castle. It was at this time that the bodies of young girls were found strewn in every corner of Elizabeth Báthory’s castle. And finally in 1611 Elizabeth Báthory and her three accomplices were punished. Doratiya Dentez and Joe were burned and Anna Dravula was beheaded.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Báthory because she came from the nobility she was not sentenced to death like her three accomplices but was sentenced to confinement in her castle by building walls around her castle and leaving only a small hole to transfer food for her.…

Ingredients Used For Killing Poison

Ingredients Used For Killing Poison

Ingredients Used For Killing Poison – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, the following are materials that are often used to formulate murder.

Killing and killing. Human history has never been spared from murder cases. Starting from mass murder to murder important figures. In an effort to eliminate lives, there are various methods used. One of them uses poison.

Poison is considered to be an effective life-killing technique because the culprit is hard to detect. It takes time to investigate to find out who gave the poison and before it is known, the culprit could have disappeared. The following are poisons commonly used to kill humans.

1. Hemlock

Coming from plants in Europe and South Africa, Hemlock has been used since ancient Greece and causes paralysis until the respiratory system stops.

2. Aconite

This poison is extracted from the monkshood plant. The effect will weaken the function of the heart so that the victim suffers from suffocation. The terrible thing is that this poison can be given just by touching the leaves directly.

3. Belladonna

It is a beautiful woman because it is actually used as a cosmetic ingredient. In its use, Belladonna’s concoction is affixed to the arrow.

4. Amanita phalloides

Poisonous mushrooms. All parts are poisonous although they reportedly taste good. Two toxic ingredients are in this mushroom: Sangatoxin and phallotoxin.

5. Dimethylmercury

A slow-effect poison. Enough with 0.1ml dose, you can be killed because of it. However, the effect only came months later so it was difficult to detect.

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6. Tetrodotoxin

Taken from blue-ringed octopus and puffer fish, tetrodoxin attacks nerves that will leave the victim paralyzed. This paralysis will spread to stop various organ functions.

7. Mercury

You often find it on a thermometer. This substance is harmless if touched, but is deadly if it enters the body. The famous character who died because of this is Amadeus Mozart.

8. Cyanide

This is a poison that is popular with murderers. With only a dose of 1.5 mg, the victim can die within one to 15 minutes. There is also a gas formation called hydrogen cyanide. It was used for the Holocaust in Nazi times.…

Murder of a French Businessman in Mexico

Murder of a French Businessman in Mexico

Murder of a French Businessman in Mexico – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, the following are articles that discuss the murder of French businessmen in Mexico.

A man was found dead on Saturday, November 28, 2020 in the south of the Mexican capital, Mexico City. The man’s body was identified as a French national, named Baptiste Lormand, aged 45.

Baptiste Lormand is an expatriate who also has Mexican nationality. He is a restaurateur, and several of his restaurants are in the upscale area of ​​the Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City. He was reported missing on Friday and was only found on Saturday with his hands tied, body covered in blows and a gunshot wound to his head.

The murder sparked protests from the French community in Mexico City. Monday, November 30, 2020, they organized a protest demanding justice. Demonstrators lined up along Polanco’s main highway west of the affluent neighborhood to the Baptiste Lormand restaurant and then put flowers outside the nearby French embassy.

1. Local residents and business people take part in the demonstration

In the demonstration protesting to demand justice, the participants consisted not only of French expatriates but also of the European community, local residents and other businessmen. One person joining the ranks of the demonstrators carried a plaque which contained an inscription in Spanish which means: “When there is no justice, the authorities become accomplices” (1/12).

The Polanco region is a neighborhood of the elite and the wealthy. Many foreign diplomats, journalists and business people live in this ward. These areas tend to be safe when compared to other areas. In response to the murder of a businessman in a safe haven, members of the European community also staged a demonstration in Presidente Masaryk, one of the most luxurious streets in Mexico City on Monday afternoon.

The murder of the French businessman adds to the long list of murders that have taken place in Mexico City. Between January and November this year, at least 29,182 murders were recorded in the city. Last year, the murders in Mexico City recorded 35,588 lives lost as a result of the murders. Mexico City is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

2. French businessman murdered along with his business partners

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, Baptiste Lormand and Luiz Orozco went out to sell merchandise in the southern part of Mexico City. The two were found dead with their hands tied, bodies from beatings and gunshots in a street south of the city.

According to an investigation by the local police, the two businessmen were killed because the perpetrators had intended to steal five bottles of expensive wine from the two of them. The five bottles of their expensive wine, according to the BBC, cost around $ 50,000.

Baptiste Lormand’s business partner initially thought that his friend was refusing to pay protection money. Others speculate that the French businessman was kidnapped by the perpetrators in search of ransom. But Mexico City police chief Omar Garcia Harfuch said the investigation was targeting “the perpetrator who wanted to steal his merchandise”.

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3. Responses from officials in power

The statements of the Mexican City authorities were questioned by Baptiste Lormand’s business associates. A local news journalist, Ricardo Raphael, also doubted the information disclosed by the authorities. According to him, the information presented was absurd.

Another Baptiste Lormand business associate provided information that he recently purchased a stirrup for 500,000 Mexican pesos, or about Rp. 319 million.

Mexio City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said “We deeply regret this murder”. He also expressed his condolences as a form of solidarity with the victims’ families. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also expressed regret for the crime. He acknowledged that “violent incidents” had damaged the capital.…

Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths

Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths

Involvement of Mexican Politicians in Journalist Deaths – The world of journalism in Mexico is already familiar with the world of cruelty and dangers, Mexican officials often use their positions to cover up their crimes.

Mexico is the most dangerous country for journalist work. Not a few journalists have died either because they were killed by drug cartels, politicians, or the symbiosis between the two.

In 2017, March 23 to be precise, Miroslava Breach, a journalist known for reporting on human rights violations, drug trafficking and corruption, died with a gunshot wound to her head. Breach was killed in the morning in his car by gunmen with eight shots. The bullets used by the perpetrators were 9 mm caliber.

Less than a month from Breach’s shooting, authorities announced that they had identified the shooter, however, the perpetrator had not been arrested. In further investigation, it appears that the journalist’s murder was carried out by a wing of the Sinaloa cartel who is in symbiosis with local Chihuahua politicians. The mastermind of the murder, Juan Carlos Moreno Ochoa, was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

1. The arrest of the former mayor of Chinipas

The trial in the murder of Moreno Ochoa was postponed for several years and in August this year, he was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Previously, prosecutors charged Moreno Ochoa with a 70-year prison sentence. One of the other masterminds, was found dead in December 2017.

The Miroslava Breach Velducia case is still not over. Investigations are continuing to seek clarity on the relationship between drug cartels and local politicians or networks known as narco-politic. In some regions of Mexico, drug cartels often sympathize with local politicians, or even become politicians themselves to secure the crimes they commit.

In the investigation into the murder case of Miroslava Breach, the team of investigators finally unraveled the narco-political network. Authorities arrested the former mayor of Chinipas, a city in Chihuahua state. The Chihuahua state court said the former Chinipas mayor, Hugo Amed Shultz, was arrested for spreading information about the journalist to the killers (18/12).

2. The symbiosis of drug cartels with politics

Breach was a senior journalist who was 54 years old when he was shot. He worked for the newspaper El Norte de Juarez, collaborated with the newspaper El Norte de Chihuahua and was a contributor to the national newspaper La Jornada. He was brutally murdered in his car, who was taking his son to go to school. In 2017, 11 journalists died in Mexico, and Breach was one of them.

One year before Miroslava Breach Velducea was assassinated, the journalist had already reported on corruption irregularities in official circles. He has also written about the symbiosis between drug cartels and politics before his assassination.

The case that caused Breach to die was a journalistic report he worked on, about politicians from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN) who had links to the Los Salazar cartel group and had affiliations with the strongest Sinaloa cartel.

Cartel members infiltrate into membership and try to be nominated for mayor. The nominated mayor is the nephew of the Los Salazar drug cartel boss. Because of Breach’s journalistic report, finally the cartel members who were candidates for mayor were forced to resign and were replaced by others. The group then takes revenge and kills Breach.

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3. Birthday gifts

Juan Carlos Moreno Ochoa, also known as “El Larry”, became the intellectual actor in the murder of Miroslava Breach. During the trial it was revealed that when there was a birthday event for Jesus Alfredo “El Muneco” Salazar, one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, an eyewitness at the party claimed to have heard El Larry tell his boss that Breach had been killed.

The murder of the journalist Miroslava Breach was a birthday present (23/3). The boss of the Los Salazar group who was told the news laughed when he heard it.

The role of Hugo Amed Shultz, who at that time served as mayor of Chinapas, was in cooperation with the organized Los Salazar assassins group. Launching from the Al Jazeera website, the Chihuahua court explained without detail that Hugo Amed Shultz “sought and provided information to be given to the organized criminal group who ordered the murder” of the journalist (18/12).…

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts

Franz Ferdinand Murder Facts – The murder that happened to Franz Ferdinand is said to be one of the main causes of the first world war, Franz Ferdinand is the crown prince of one of the biggest jobs.

The assassination of Austrian-Hungarian Prince Franz Ferdinand is one of a series of international events that triggered the outbreak of World War I. In fact, this incident is considered to be the main trigger for the war between these countries.

1. Franz Ferdinand is the crown prince of the Austrian-Hungarian kingdom

Prince Franz Ferdinand was born in the city of Graz, Austria on December 18, 1863. After his brother and father died, he became the heir to the throne of the Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the position of King of the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary at that time was occupied by Franz Joseph, the uncle of Franz Ferdinand. The prince married a woman named Sophie, with the title Duchess of Hohenberg.

2. Bosnian demands for independence from Austrian-Hungarian rule

In the southern part of Austria-Hungary there is a region called Bosnia. Many Bosnians wanted to have their own state and no longer be under Austrian-Hungarian rule.

This was further complicated by the interference of Serbia, a country on the southern border of Austria-Hungary that supported Bosnian independence.

To assert their respective strengths, Serbia conspired with the Russian Empire, while Austria-Hungary conspired with Germany.

3. Bosnia, with the help of Serbia, plans to kill Prince Franz Ferdinand

When Franz Ferdinand announced a visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, the Bosnian nationalists saw it as an opportunity to attack the Austro-Hungarian empire.

With help from the Serbs, assassins were recruited and trained to kill the prince during his visit to Sarajevo. These assassins belong to a group called the Black Hand.

4. Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot on the highway

On June 28, 1914 Franz Ferdinand and his wife were in a motorcade headed for the town hall of Sarajevo. Black Hand’s group had stationed several assassins along the motorcade’s route.

On the way home from the city hall, there was a moment when an assassin named Gavrilo Princip was right standing beside the car carrying the prince. He did not miss the opportunity and fired straight at Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

The crowd there immediately ganged up on Princip and handed him over to the police. At the same time, the car sped away seeking medical help. Unfortunately, Sophie died before they arrived and Franz Ferdinand was also killed a few minutes later.

5. The declared war of Austria-Hungary against Serbia was followed by other countries, and World War I broke out

The Austrian-Hungarian government saw the killings as a direct attack on the country. They believe that Serbia is assisting Bosnia in a terrorism crime.

This accusation was apparently denied by Serbia. So Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. At the same time, Russia began mobilizing its troops to protect Serbia.

A few days later, Germany declared war on Russia to help Austria-Hungary. Then France moved to help Russia, and Germany also declared War on France. With this, World War I began.…