The Thing About Andrian’s Murder

The Thing About Andrian’s Murder – Yubelia Noven Cahya, a vocational high school student in Bogor was found dead on Jalan Riau, East Bogor, Bogor City, to be precise behind the Baranangsiang Terminal. The 18-year-old teenager was killed by an unknown person on Tuesday (8/1) at around 15.55 WIB, while returning from school.

was found dead with a stab wound to his left chest. The white uniform worn was drenched in blood oozing from a knife wound.

The police have yet to find out who killed Andriana. Here’s what is known so far about Andriana’s murder

1. The perpetrator stabs Andriana with a knife right in the chest

Andriana Vocational School student Yubelia Noven Cahya was found lifeless with a stab wound to her left chest. The stab wound found on Andriana’s chest was 22 cm deep and 3 cm wide.
Andriana’s body was found dead covered in blood behind the Baranangsiang Terminal. When found, Andriana’s body was wearing her school uniform.
It is suspected that Andriana’s murder was carried out at around 15.55 WIB after school. Until now, the killer has not been found.

2. Police Seized Evidence

The police have carried out the crime scene for Andriana’s murder. Until now, the police are still hunting down the perpetrators of the murder.
During the investigation, the police secured several pieces of evidence. Among them were a knife, Andriana’s bloody shirt, and CCTV footage.
“There are hints from the CCTV footage that we have taken as well. Even though it is not very clear, but with the naked eye the characteristics of the perpetrator are clearly visible, “explained the Head of Bogor Police, Kombes Hendri Fiuser, Tuesday (8/1).

3. Police have the characteristics of the culprit

The Bogor Police Chief, Kombes Hendri Fiuser, admitted that he had the characteristics of the perpetrator who killed Andriana. These characteristics were obtained by Hendri who saw the CCTV footage installed in the area around the murder site.
“Until now, we have not been able to identify the culprit. However, the characteristics of the perpetrators are more or less illustrated,” said Hendri, Tuesday (8/1) night.

In order to find the perpetrator, the police are currently conducting a scientific investigation. Hendri emphasized that he would try as much as possible to catch Andriana’s killer.

4. Murder of Adriana Allegedly Motivated Reveng

The police suspect that the motive for Andriana’s murder was revenge and heartache. This allegation according to the Bogor Police Chief, Kombes Hendri Fiuser, because this kind of murder usually originates from a grudge.
“As for the motive, the perpetrator hasn’t been caught, but in general, if a murder case like this is there, there must be a motive for revenge, heartache, and so on. That’s the correlation like that, “said Hendri.
However, the clear and definite motive has not been revealed by Hendri. The real motive can be revealed after the police catch the perpetrator later. However, until now the police have not succeeded in arresting the perpetrators

5. Bima Arya Called the Murder of Andriana Brutal

Bogor Mayor Bima Arya immediately went to the scene of Andriana’s murder. He called this murder a barbaric thing.

“The incident that shocked us all, something very barbaric. Whatever the motive, this is barbaric,” said Bima Arya, Tuesday (8/1).
Bima explained that he was coordinating with the police to find the perpetrators and follow up on this case. According to him, the perpetrator must be found immediately to find out the clear motive of this murder and to anticipate so that a similar incident does not happen again.