List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju

List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju

List of Kdrama Special Tours in Yeongju – Korean dramas often provide various inspirations for the audience, ranging from food to interesting tourist attractions.

Yeongju or Yeongju-si is a municipal-level area in the north of Gyeongsangbuk Province. The 668-square-kilometer city is bordered by Bonghwa to the east, Danyang to the west, Andong and Yecheon to the south, and Yeongwol to the north.

Yeongju is known to have a lot of historical tours, so it’s no wonder that some places there often appear in Korean dramas with sageuks or royal themes. Here are Korean drama-style tourist attractions in Yeongju, South Korea!

1. Sosuseowon Confucian Academy

Sosuseowon Confucian Academy was founded in 1542 as a preparatory school for children of the Joseon Dynasty’s aristocratic class for the civil service exam. Originally, its name was Baekundong Seowon, then it was changed to its current name by King Myeongjong in 1550.

This place has been designated as a Historic Site of South Korea No.55 and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2019, you know. The Sosu Museum in this complex stores and manages items related to Confucianism.

Sosuseowon Confucian Academy was once the shooting location for the drama The Slave Hunters (2010). In addition, this place appeared in the dramas Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016), Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019), and most recently The King’s Affection (2021).

2. Seonbichon Village

Right next to Sosuseowon Confucian Academy is a village known as the birthplace of Korean Confucianism, namely Seonbichon Village. In this village there are 15 old government offices and tiled houses, 13 thatched houses, a pavilion, and the Seonangdang temple.

Visitors who come to this village can take part in various activities, ranging from pounding rice cakes, hanging wish lanterns, attending traditional wedding ceremonies, playing various folk games, enjoying various traditional dishes, to staying in a hanok. Wow, that’s really fun, isn’t it?

Seonbichon Village has been a filming location for dramas The Slave Hunters (2010), Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019), Lovers of the Red Sky (2021), and The King’s Affection (2021). The first appearance of this village in the drama The Slave Hunters seems to have succeeded in increasing the number of visitors, you know.

3. Yeongju Museom Village

Another traditional village in Yeongju that is often used as a shooting location for KDrama sageuks is Yeongju Museom Village. The village appeared in the dramas Love Rain (2012), Flowers of the Prison (2016), 100 Days My Prince (2018), My Country (2019), and The Tale of Nokdu (2019).

Located in Sudo Village, 238-2 Museom-ro, Munsu-myeon, Yeongju, the village was founded in 1666 by Park Su and Kim Dae. The city served as a sanctuary for scholars from the Seonbi, Goryeo and Joseon periods who had abandoned their social positions to focus on education and simplicity.

In addition to the hanok houses, there is also a single-lane wooden bridge that was the only access to the village for 350 years until 1979. In October, the Oenamu Dari Festival is held every year to celebrate the bridge’s history.

4. Buseoksa Temple

Remember the Fairy Cafe on Gyeryeong hill that appeared in the drama Mama Fairy and Woodcutter (2018)? In the first episode, Jung Yi Hyun (Yoon Hyun Min) and Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) got lost and found this shop. The two also meet the owner of the shop, namely Seon Ok Nam (Ko Du Shim / Moon Chae Won).

In real life, the building is actually part of the Buseoksa Temple. The temple was founded by a prominent monk and scholar, Uisang in 676 and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Yeongju Station

In the 2020 drama Train, Yeongju Station was described as Mugyeong Station in an alternate universe. Seo Do Won (Yoon Si Yoon) time travels between worlds or universes at this station on train 8210.

Yeongju Station is a train station along the Jungang Line, Yeongdong Line, and Gyeongbuk Line, which opened in 1941. The station, operated by Korail, has three platforms and five lanes.…